Making decisions about your child’s education after divorce

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Your child’s education is important. Who gets to make critical decisions about school?

In a recent post, we discussed some back-to-school tips for co-parents. We talked about the importance of prioritizing your child’s education and working with your ex to make sure the school year is a success.

For most families, it’s not too difficult to agree on pick-up schedules or what kind of colored pencils to get. But what happens when you and your co-parent disagree about something bigger – like which school your child will attend? Many parents feel strongly about their child’s education and have questions about their rights to make these important decisions.

Who decides where our child goes to school?

If your child is attending public school, it may not be up to either parent. In many cases, you may only place your child in the district where he or she lives most of the time. If you share parental responsibility with your co-parent, you must find a way to agree, go through mediation or potentially ask the court to decide.

What if we can’t agree?

Florida courts tend to favor shared parental responsibility, which means one parent may not make unilateral decisions about a child’s health care, education or other important matters.

If you and your ex are struggling to agree on the right school, ask your child! He or she may have strong feelings about the matter, and those feelings matter. If you have any concerns about your parental rights under your parenting agreement, it is wise to speak with an attorney so you understand your rights.


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