Why Should You Vote?

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We’ve all heard it before, go out and perform your civic duty, express your voice, you can change the world with the cast of a ballot, at least, that’s what people seem to believe when trying to convince you to vote for their candidate. In all honesty, out of the more than 200 million Americans eligible to vote, it’s unlikely the results will come out with a 50/50 split just waiting on you to cast your tiebreaking vote and decide the future. Despite this, if everyone with your same political beliefs skipped out on the polls this year, your government would never hear your voice. 

The 2016 Presidential Election is fast approaching and this election has proven to be one of the most interesting and unique elections America has seen in a long time. From a Presidential candidate being investigated about a federal crime, to a candidate with no political experience beating the odds and threatening to build a wall, to a third party candidate struggling to make it on the debate floor, your vote could have a huge impact on American history.

If you’re worried about not being an informed voter, get researching. And not just at Fox news or CNN politics, read them all. Listen to political podcasts, if you hear something that makes you angry, turn it up, pull up safari on your smart phone and learn about it, then vote to change it.

It isn’t too late to register, to request an absentee ballot, to put a yard sign in your lawn, or to ask your neighbor about the yard sign in theirs. Whatever you do, don’t sit out on the vote and then complain about who our next President is, because you had the opportunity to vote for your ideal candidate, and show your least favorite candidate how much you dislike them by leaving the bubble by their name blank.


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