Nerve damage may signal a need for compensation

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The various systems and parts that make up your body allow for you to live and function in an effective manner. While the body can heal from many injuries and adapt to certain circumstances as necessary, some issues may prove too much for your body to handle. As a result, you may suffer permanent damage that requires you to make adjustments to your life that you may not have even considered before the injury.

Damage to your nerves can prove particularly worrisome. The nervous system plays a significant role in allowing your body to transmit and understand signals from your brain that results in you carrying out your desired actions. If a car accident or similar event has led to you suffering nerve damage due to serious injuries, you may have reason to seek compensation.

Causes of nerve damage

Nerve damage can occur under a variety of circumstances. Pressure, stretching and cuts can all contribute to your nerves suffering damage. If your injuries occurred as part of a motor vehicle accident, you may have endured a severe laceration that cut your nerves. As a result, those nerves can no longer effectively communicate with the rest of your body, and permanent damage may result.

Recognizing nerve damage

Depending on the specific injuries suffered in your accident, you may not immediately know that you have suffered nerve damage. Certain symptoms may point to such an outcome, and those signs include:

  • Numbness – As your nerves can no longer transmit the necessary signals to recognize touch and other sensations, you may experience numbness at the site and surrounding area of your injury.
  • Weakness – Again, without the proper ability to send signals, your abilities to carry out duties relating to motor functions can greatly diminish. Therefore, you may notice that your grip feels weaker, or you cannot bear weight or walk as easily as you once could.
  • Pain – Of course, pain acts as an obvious indicator that you may have a serious issue.

With proper medical assessment, a doctor may have the ability to determine whether nerve damage has occurred and the extent of the damage.

Lifestyle impacts

Whether temporary or permanent, nerve damage could have a serious impact on your life. You may have to leave work for a period of time or find yourself unable to return to the same occupation you once had. You may also lose the ability to take part in other activities you once enjoyed due to your diminished functions. Because of these negative effects, you may feel the need to seek compensation from the individual responsible for your injuries. Filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault in the injury-causing car accident may allow you to pursue such action.


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