Infotainment systems may cause deadly distractions

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When many people used to think of what made a vehicle impressive, their ratings usually revolved around looks and engine power. Now, a number of new aspects go into consideration, and while safety may still remain your number one priority, other individuals may become more intrigued by the amount of technology a vehicle has to offer.

While certain forms of technology may help vehicles perform better, many manufacturers also now include dashboard systems that allow drivers to access a variety of applications at the touch of a screen. These systems could let you access your music library, text messages, phone calls and other features, and while that may seem convenient, it can also prove immensely distracting.

Infotainment system distractions

In-car technology may seem like a major step forward because it allows individuals access to information and entertainment (hence the name “infotainment”) within the comfort of their vehicles, but these systems also lead to visual, manual and cognitive distractions. They can also make previous distractions even more distracting.

For example, changing radio stations or adjusting volume has always been a distraction. However, you may have had the ability to complete this task easily due to knowing where the right knobs and buttons were. Now, due to infotainment system touchscreens, you may have to tap various areas of a screen to simply get to the music section, go back to the main menu if you tap the wrong app and continuously look away from the road to find what you want to access.

The longer a person remains distracted, the greater the chance of that distraction causing a serious car accident.

A deadly danger

Though many people may not give too much thought to momentary distractions, these issues can easily prove fatal. In 2016, distracted driving resulted in over 3,000 fatalities in the United States. Some infotainment systems may prove more distracting than others, and vehicle manufacturers that reached the top of the list included Lexus, Tesla, Volvo, Acura and Cadillac.

Though you may do your best to remain focused on the task of driving, other individuals may not remain as prudent. If you have suffered harm or lost a loved one due a distracted driver, you may have reason to pursue compensation from the driver considered responsible. Information on personal injury or wrongful death claims could help you determine whether following this course of legal action could prove useful to you.


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