Car accidents: 3 Florida teens injured in collision

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High school seniors all across the country are nearing their graduation. There is excitement, fear and hope for the new future they anticipate beginning. Car accidents are not in the plans of graduates or their families, but they do occur. Unfortunately, accidents wreak havoc in a multitude of ways on the victim’s lives and anyone connected to the victims. Sadly, an entire Florida community has been impacted by an accident involving three high school seniors just weeks before their graduation.

Authorities believe that the school day had not ended when the three senior boys crashed into a tree. The collision occurred within sight of the high school where the seniors were set to receive their diplomas. Authorities have not determined the cause of the collision, but they did close the intersection as they began their investigation.

One victim was found outside of the vehicle, and it was initially believed that he may have been ejected. Authorities later learned that he crawled out on his own. Sadly, one of the teenagers was pronounced dead at the crash site. The two surviving boys suffered serious injuries; one is considered to be in critical condition and other has stabilized.

Unfortunately, recovering from injuries in the aftermath of car accidents is just the beginning. Family members of young victims may find themselves swamped with medical bills and the uncertainty of their loved one’s future. A Florida attorney can be a valuable resource in understanding how to handle the financial stress and legal issues following an accident. In cases where a driver is deemed negligent in an accident, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for monetary damages may be pursued in accordance with the circumstances. 

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