Family law: Divorces over the age of 50 are increasing

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It might be tempting to speculate that married couples who have been married 20 years or more will not experience a divorce. Statistics indicate that it is not always the case. Currently, divorce among couples in Florida and across the United States who are over the age of 50 are increasing. Most individuals facing these circumstances will secure the assistance of a family law attorney.

When couples over the age of 50 get divorced, it’s known as a ‘gray divorce.’ According to numbers, they make up about a quarter of all divorces. Because much of the baby boomer generation is over the age of 50, it may be one reason for the growing numbers. In addition, both men and women are living longer, increasing chances of couples determining they no longer wish to be married to one another.

During an informal study, many couples were interviewed to discover why they would separate from a spouse later in life, especially those who had been married for many years. Some reported that they simply grew apart and/or infidelity had an impact on their marriage ending. Some men drew the line with a spouse’s spending habits or disagreements with how their children were raised. Some women reported various forms of abuse over the years resulted in them deciding they wanted to end the relationship.

It is understandably overwhelming to end a marriage later in life, but some individuals find the circumstances warrant a divorce. Florida family law attorneys can help individuals feel in control as they guide and assist them through the process. In addition, attorneys remain of assistance for any questions or problems that may arise after the divorce becomes final.

Source:, “Here’s Why Baby Boomers Are Getting Divorced”, Jocelyn Crowley, May 7, 2018


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