You don’t have to rely on a Florida court for a parenting plan

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You know that your divorce will change the way your family lives and that it may be a challenging transition for your children. Making the situation easier on them has more than likely become a priority for you and the other parent. Whether you use mediation or negotiate on your own with legal assistance, you realize that you need to do what you can to make the best decisions possible for your family.

These days, the Florida courts encourage parents to create their own parenting plans and custody arrangements. This allows you the freedom to come up with a plan that works best for your family. Even if the negotiations may be a bit tense at times, as long as the two of you focus on what your children’s best interests, you will probably be able to come up with a workable plan with which you are both satisfied.

The benefits outweigh your differences

Not only does creating your own parenting plan provide you with the opportunity to retain control over the future of your family, especially your children, but it also helps ease the stress your children feel during this time. Just knowing that their parents are willing to put aside their differences for them could make a great deal of difference in how they handle the coming changes.

The ability to customize your plan may also be appealing. Your family is unique, and no one should attempt to fit it into a prepackaged parenting plan. During the process, you and your children receive the following additional benefits:

  • You and your future ex-spouse learn how to better communicate and compromise, which will serve you and the children in the future.
  • You can reduce any tension and stress that going to court often brings.
  • Each of you receives the opportunity to express your opinions regarding your children’s futures.
  • You create a visitation schedule that allows each of you as much time with the children as possible considering your work schedules and lifestyles.
  • You may delineate consequences for not sticking to the plan.
  • You save time and money since you won’t be going to court hearings regarding this issue.

The key is to recognize that no matter what happens in your personal lives after the divorce, you remain tied to each other as parents. When you acknowledge that each of you is a loving, caring and supportive parent, you realize that your children are not getting a divorce, and they deserve as much time as possible with each parent.


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