Wrongful death: Mom and daughter killed by racing cars

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Right now, the future is bright for many high school graduates, and the future for most students is yet to be determined. For three Florida teenagers, their future may be limited. All three face serious felony charges after a mother and daughter died following an impromptu street race. In addition to criminal charges, they are also at risk of being held liable for the deaths in civil court if family members decide to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

In total, three boys have been charged with felonies involving the deaths. Two of the boys were driving the cars, and one of the boys was a passenger. Two of the boys had just graduated from high school days before, and one of the boys was racing his graduation gift when the accident occurred.

Allegedly, the boys decided to street race each other. Reportedly, the vehicle was traveling at about 102 miles per hour when it struck the mother and her daughter, whom she was pushing in a stroller. The impact sent the mother flying 40 feet, and the daughter was thrown about 70 feet. Both the mother and daughter died while receiving medical care for their injuries. All three boys have been released on bail and are being monitored through ankle monitors.

When a family suffers a tragic sudden loss, it is understandably difficult. Some families find closure when discussing their legal options with a Florida personal injury attorney. When evidence of negligence exists, some families may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court.


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