3 questions to ask yourself before filing for divorce

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When a marriage hits a rocky point, many people may begin to wonder whether it is the beginning of the end. For some couples, working through a hiccup may turn out easily enough, but for others, a rocky marriage could turn into an unhappy and unhealthy one. If you feel this way about your relationship, you may also find yourself considering divorce.

Of course, divorce is a major life change that needs careful consideration. Not everyone who begins to contemplate divorce actually moves forward with the process, and you certainly do not want to prematurely enter into this chapter of your life. Therefore, it would likely work in your best interests to make certain preparations.

What do you want from the divorce?

Many people may believe that the point and end goal of divorce is to no longer be married to a spouse. While this is certainly the general outcome, a vast number of other decisions must also take place. If you have children, you need to consider your custody goals. If you have certain property you want to keep, you need to think about your property division goals. If you believe your situation warrants the receiving of alimony, you need to consider those possible outcomes as well.

What do you know about divorce?

You may feel that a divorce suits your circumstances, but do you know much about the process? If you have only limited knowledge, you do not have to feel intimidated. A variety of reliable resources could help you gain information. Doing your research could help you better understand Florida laws regarding various aspects of divorce. You may also find marriage dissolution methods that do not involve litigation, which could allow you to end your relationship amicably.

What questions do you have?

If you do not have any questions about divorce, you may need to take some time to reflect on your situation. Having questions is important. Of course, you may not know what to ask. By organizing your financial information, listing your goals and generally getting your affairs in order, you may come to realize that you need to ask certain questions to understand how particular details could affect your case and what actions you could take to work toward your goals.

Legal professionals can help you every step of the way. Even before you file for divorce, consulting with an attorney could allow you to gain insight and assistance.


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