Trees could present safety hazards, lead to serious injury

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Many Florida residents love having trees on their property. These natural beauties can add an aesthetic element to someone’s property and also have uses such as providing shade or fruit. However, trees can also pose serious threats if they are not properly maintained.

You may not own property with trees, but you may enjoy visiting friends or frequenting establishments that have trees on their property. In fact, the trees themselves may act as one of the draws for you. Because you could suffer serious injury in the event that a branch falls or tree topples, you may want to look out for warning signs of tree-related hazards.

Common hazards

While not all issues with trees are visible to the naked eye, you can help yourself stay safe by noticing certain factors. Some aspects to look for include the following:

  • Issues with limbs: If any limb or limbs on a tree appear broken or dead, you may want to steer clear. A broken, dead or damaged branch could fall at any moment, and if it hits you, you could suffer serious injuries.
  • Leaning trees: While leaning trees may attract your attention because of their unique look, that lean could also mean that the tree could have a number of issues. In fact, the tree itself could be at risk of falling on you or your property and causing severe damage.
  • Damaged trees: Trees can suffer damage in a variety of ways. Getting struck by lightning, being hit by vehicles, suffering root damage during construction, contracting tree-related diseases and number of other factors could weaken a tree or cause it to die, which may present a risk of falling.

As mentioned, several other issues with trees may exist that do not present themselves to individuals who are not tree experts. Still, property owners have a responsibility to address any hazards that their trees may present.

Injured by a tree

Your day of shopping or visiting at a friend’s house could easily turn tragic if a falling branch or tree results in your suffering serious injuries. Because tree maintenance and the removal of any hazards is the responsibility of property owners, you may have reason to seek compensation for those injuries and other damages resulting from the event.

Consulting with an attorney could help you better understand premises liability claims and whether taking such action could suit your situation.


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