Man arrested for drunk driving in Publix parking lot

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Florida officers reported that they were called to an unusual scene. Witnesses observed an individual driving a vehicle in circles in a Publix parking lot and alerted authorities. After arrival, authorities arrested and charged the man with an offense for drunk driving. He has likely secured a skilled attorney to guide him through court hearings.

Allegedly, the 57-year-old family doctor had been forced to leave a restaurant because of intoxication. Upon leaving, he apparently began driving in circles in the parking lot of a grocery store. Officers report that when they approached the man, he was not belligerent but instead overly affectionate to the arresting officer.

During the encounter, authorities reported that the man failed his field sobriety test and refused to take a Breathalyzer test. In addition, officers observed that he had bloodshot and glassy eyes as well the smell of alcohol on his breath. They also reported that he urinated on himself during the process. The man was arrested and charged with his second DUI. He was released from jail on a $2,000 bond.

Drunk driving offenses are taking seriously because of the damage that can result. The choice to drive intoxicated can result in serious accidents, property damage, injuries and or death to the drunk individual and other innocent victims. Fortunately, in this man’s case, no one was harmed, but the man will likely suffer consequences as a result of the charges. A skilled Florida defense attorney can advise a client of the best defense strategy and help negotiate the terms of sentencing if a conviction cannot be avoided.


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