Motor vehicle accidents: Florida crash results in injuries

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It is never a convenient time or place to be involved in a crash. While some victims of crashes may walk away uninjured, other victims are not as lucky. Many suffer serious injuries or death in motor vehicle accidents. When an accident occurs as a result of another driver’s alleged negligent behavior, victims may find some financial relief through insurance or personal injury lawsuits. Three victims of a recent and serious crash in Florida were unfortunately injured due to no fault of their own and may benefit from an attorney’s advice.

The 31-year-old male driver who began the chain reaction crash drifted and struck a cable barrier. Authorities believe he may have been under the influence of alcohol, which may have resulted in his reckless driving. After striking the barrier, he drove into the lanes of traffic traveling in the opposite direction. The driver apparently side-swiped one vehicle before striking a van head-on.

The impact of the collision resulted in the van and a semi-truck also striking one another before all vehicles came to a stop. The adult driver and passenger of the van suffered serious injuries, and a young child reportedly suffered minor injuries. No other injuries were reported, and the investigation is pending.

In motor vehicle accidents such as this one, some victims suffer serious consequences for the reckless actions of another driver. Injuries can result in life-long pain, medical treatment and expenses. Experienced personal injury attorneys in Florida are able to assist victims to understand their legal rights following a crash. Some victims may use an attorney to file claims against the assumed negligent driver’s insurance, while others may choose to file a lawsuit in civil court.


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