Police say drunk driver casued 2 deaths

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The holidays are usually a happy time for most families, though not without the possibility of misfortune. A recent car crash here in Florida shows just how this time of year is not immune to sadness. What is worse, the accident may have been avoidable, as authorities have claimed a drunk driver may be at fault.

The crash happened in the afternoon of Christmas Day. Local authorities in Boynton Beach say that the rollover crash left two passengers in an SUV dead. The driver, heading northbound on the interstate, claims that he was cut off by another car. He said he was forced to take evasive action that caused him to lose control of his vehicle. His SUV rolled multiple times, ejecting one passenger from the vehicle, and ultimately ending in the death of both of the passengers.

The driver was rushed to a nearby hospital where he needed surgery for his injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol alleges that the driver smelled of alcohol, at the scene of the accident and the next day at the hospital. The driver says he only consumed a few beers on Christmas Eve, though he is now facing multiple charges in connection with impaired driving. He is pleading not guilty to all charges.

Apart from the criminal proceedings, the families of the deceased victims could still decide to pursue a civil claim against the driver and any separate owner of the vehicle he was operating. Monetary damages could be used to cover medical bills, funeral expenses, or other monetary damages the families might be facing after this tragedy. The careless actions of a drunk driver could leave a family devastated, but an experienced attorney can advise a victim’s loved ones of the available options for legal recourse.


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