Is there a downside to new safety technology in cars?

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As new safety technology gets into more automobiles, it would reason that Florida roads are only getting safer, right?

Unfortunately, as technology in cars evolves, drivers of these cars have a new issue. We’re becoming too reliant on our tech.

The problem

Commercials touting new car technology don’t distinguish between features. People confuse forward collision warnings for automatic emergency braking. Owners are overestimating blind spot monitoring systems or lane assist programs. It turns out, drivers count on technologies to do things they were never designed for.

In fact, a recent AAA study showed that most drivers do not understand the limitations of technology. Among drivers, 80 percent assumed blind-spot monitoring detected bicycles or tracked behind their car. Most blind-spot technology cannot do either. Roughly 40 percent thought forward collision warnings could hit the brakes. They can’t.

These misperceptions create dangerous situations on Florida roads.

What drivers can do

There are few things drivers can do to make sure they aren’t overestimating their car’s tech:

  • Read your owner’s manual to ensure you understand which features are in your vehicle. An automatic braking system will operate much differently than collision detection.
  • Take your car to the dealership you bought it from and ask them for a demonstration of all advertised safety features. Seeing them in action can help you understand what their limitations are and when to use them.
  • Research consumer reports on how these features react to real-world scenarios. Ask the dealership any questions you may have. Get to know these features of your new car before you need them.

Educate yourself on what technology is in your car, and what isn’t. It’s important to understand what your vehicle is capable of.

Keeping roads safe

If you’re in an accident because of someone else’s overreliance on their car’s safety features, a knowledgeable attorney is a great resource. They can help you navigate any injury claims and get you back on the road.


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