3 women die in Florida Christmas Eve car accident

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Any time of the year is a horrible time to experience a car crash, but when one happens during the winter holidays, it can seem even more upsetting. Families who may have been excited to spend time together may end up mourning the loss of a loved one. This is what some Florida families may are likely going through after three women lost their lives in a car accident on Christmas Eve.

According to authorities, one woman was driving south in a sedan and had two other female passengers in the vehicle with her. A man was driving north in his SUV when he allegedly attempted to move into the southbound lane to pass another vehicle. Police say that he hit the sedan head-on.

Though the man’s car caught on fire, first responders were able to rush him to a nearby hospital. His injuries were serious. All of the women in the sedan died at the scene of the crash. So far, police haven’t announced whether alcohol or speeding were factors in the crash. They have stated that they intend to file charges once their investigation is complete.

Even if Florida police decide not to press charges against the man driving the SUV, which seems unlikely, there are other ways that the families of the women could hold him and/or other parties responsible for causing the car accident. The families could file a civil claim that could result in monetary damages that may help the families recover monetary expenses incurred because of the crash. An attorney with knowledge of personal injury and wrongful death litigation may be the best resource at a time like this.


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