NFL player arrested for DUI in Florida

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Getting arrested for driving under the influence may not seem like a big deal. However, the judicial system doesn’t hold the same viewpoint. Even if a person accepts the possibility of serving jail time or probation for a DUI, there are other possible effects on that person’s life that could be long-lasting. One NFL player may be about to find that out first hand, after he was arrested for DUI here in Florida.

Police say that they arrested Ventell Bryant on a recent early morning. Officers report pulling over his sports car because he was driving without headlights on. They further claim that the Bryant admitted to consuming margaritas earlier in the day and that he was showing signs of impairment. 

Officers say that his blood alcohol content was between .102 and .099, though they did not disclose exactly how that was determined. Bryant was arrested after officers conducted a roadside field sobriety test and he allegedly failed it. Bryant currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys, but his arrest may lead to an investigation by the NFL that could get him suspended, likely depending upon the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Bryant may avoid some of the more common, non-legal consequences of a DUI arrest because of his status in the professional sports world. However, others who are arrested for this same offense aren’t likely to be as lucky. Besides being sent to jail or having to pay a fine, a DUI conviction could make it difficult for a person to get a job or even secure a home loan in the future. This is why anyone here in Florida arrested for this offense should consider working with an experienced criminal defense attorney. It could be the best chance an accused person has at mitigating the potential consequences.


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