Multiple fatalities in horrific motor vehicle accident

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In general, motorists do all that they can to avoid being in a car crash, but despite their best efforts, collisions still happen. If a driver fails to take necessary steps to prevent a motor vehicle accident, the results can have devastating consequences. A recent crash here between two vehicles in Florida left four people dead, including both drivers and two children.

According to authorities, the collision happened on a recent Friday evening on a state highway. Police say that a woman and two children were traveling in a sedan when a pickup truck going in the opposite direction allegedly crossed over the centerline. The two vehicles collided almost head-on and were soon engulfed in flames, according to reports. 

Despite the efforts of first responders, all three of the people in the sedan and the driver of the pickup truck perished in the blaze. Police had to close the highway in both directions while they handled the scene. Officials also say that another vehicle containing family members of those in the sedan was present at the scene, but was not directly involved in the accident. Law enforcement is still investigating the incident and trying to determine exactly what occurred.

If the pickup truck driver is determined to be at fault for this motor vehicle accident, the family of the victims in the sedan may still have some legal recourse even though he did not survive. They could decide to file a wrongful death claim against the estate of the pickup truck driver. If such a claim were successful, it could help the family cover funeral expenses and other costs associated with this tragedy. An attorney here in Florida who has experience handling these types of claim can help advocate for families and see that justice is done.


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