Bicycle accident involving a truck results in fatality

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Some parts of the nation haven’t had warm weather until recently, though Florida typically enjoys summerlike temperatures for a significant part of the year. More and more people are getting outside for both recreation and necessity, including cyclists. Unfortunately, this isn’t without its fair share of risk, since people on bicycles have less protection in an accident than someone in a vehicle. One recent bicycle accident here in Florida left one person dead. and it may serve as a reminder to motorists that it is always best to use caution when driving near pedestrians and cyclists.

Police say that the collision happened on a recent late afternoon on the A1A. Officers report that a cyclist was heading north. A truck traveling in the same direction allegedly sideswiped the bicycle. The cyclist was pronounced dead at the site of the crash.

Officials report that the driver is cooperating with them and did not attempt to leave the scene. Law enforcement hasn’t offered any explanation for the truck driver’s actions. Sometimes accidents like this may involve an intoxicated driver, speeding or failure to heed traffic laws. While the police investigation is ongoing, Florida law typically requires that operators of motor vehicles pass bicycles at a safe distance, but no closer than three feet. 

No matter what the police findings may be, the family of the cyclist may decide to file civil litigation against the truck driver or any other entity deemed responsible for the fatal crash. A wrongful death lawsuit may be necessary for the family to cover financial losses associated with the bicycle accident. Those here in Florida who find themselves in a similar situation can consult an attorney with extensive experience in handling these types of claims.


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