Motor vehicle accident takes 3 lives

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Most people don’t think that they will be in a car crash when they are traveling. Unfortunately, it happens all too often. When the crash is fatal, it is already a devastating event for the family and friends who loved the victims, but it can be even more difficult for them to deal with when it happens in another state. A recent motor vehicle accident here in Florida resulted in the deaths of three people, all of whom were from out of state. 

Law enforcement reports that the crash happened on a recent morning. A pickup truck heading south on a state road apparently crossed over the grass median and into the opposite lane. Police say the truck hit another vehicle, causing it to run into a street sign and then a utility pole. Though the truck reportedly rolled onto its side, the driver only suffered minor injuries. 

Sadly, the three people in the second vehicle all died. It is unclear whether they died at the scene of the crash or later at a local hospital. Police have not announced whether they intend to file any criminal charges in connection with the crash, nor have they stated whether they believe there were any contributing factors. The Florida Highway Patrol said in a press release that the vehicle failed to maintain a single line. 

Even if police decide not to file charges against the pickup truck driver for this motor vehicle accident, the families of the victims have legal options available. Though the victims were from out of state, the surviving family or families could work with an attorney here in Florida to file a wrongful death claim. This could result in monetary damages that would help cover any outstanding financial consequences related to the crash.


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