How to plan summer visitation with your ex-spouse

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After a divorce or separation, one of the primary aspects to focus on is maintaining a strong connection between your children and your ex-spouse. In many custody agreements, summertime offers the parent with visitation throughout the year the chance to spend more quality time with their children. If you are just beginning this process in Florida, there are many options to consider.

Emotional support

You and your children may both experience mixed emotions about the time you will spend away from one another. In the lead-up to your children’s summer break, you may want to establish check-ins with them and find out what they are feeling.

Ideally, you may want to have your children spend some time with a mental health professional to provide an extra layer of support. Let them know that it is okay to discuss their feelings and openly acknowledge the changes that are impending.

Have a conversation with your ex-spouse

Although this conversation may be challenging, it is imperative that you each have a plan for how you envision the summer. Having a plan during this time can increase the positive aspects of your children’s summer vacation and may reduce your dependence on family law courts to settle custody disputes in the future.

Work with an attorney

If you find that you are having difficulty working out the details of summer break with your ex-spouse, finding an attorney may be the best solution. Family law attorneys understand the laws pertaining to child custody agreements. Any attorney you work with should want to take the necessary time to understand the details of your agreement and should prepare your case to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. In working in this manner, you may be able to better provide a smoother transition for your children over the summer.

Preparing for custody changes during summer breaks with your children may never be easy. However, knowing a few steps for how to prepare and what to do if there are complications can help you with the process of solidifying smoother summer break plans.


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