It’s not illegal to drive barefoot in Florida — but it is unwise

| Jun 21, 2021 | Car Accident |

It’s getting hot out there, and your feet are kind of sore and sweaty after a long day at work. Is there really anything wrong with taking your shoes off for the drive home?

Well, technically, no. It’s not illegal to drive barefoot in Florida. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing in the state’s laws that even addresses the issue. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should do it.

Why is barefoot driving dangerous?

First, kicking your shoes off mid-trip can be dangerous. Not only is there a certain amount of distraction involved in the process that can cause you to take your eyes or mind off the road, you have to make sure that those shoes don’t end up where they can get caught under your brake pedal and cause a crash.

Second, you run the risk of a serious foot injury if you’re in any kind of accident. While you may be sure of your driving skills, do you really trust every other driver on the road with you? The force of an accident can slam your unprotected foot and toes into the pedals of your car and cause major wounds that you might avoid with a little protection from your shoes.

Finally, you’re probably right about your bare feet being sweaty. Bare feet also lack the tread you have on the bottoms of your shoes. That makes it more likely that your foot could slip off the pedal at a bad moment, causing a wreck.

What if you’re in a wreck with another driver?

Barefoot drivers are probably all around you out there, and you may very well end up in a wreck with one of them. If you’re injured, you have every right to hold the negligent party accountable for your losses. Find out more about what steps you need to take next.


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