Families of kids with spinal injuries face overwhelming expenses

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Damage to the spinal cord is one of the most devastating personal injuries someone can suffer. When the damage occurs in adults older than 25, they often face yearly costs ranging from about $350,000 to more than one million dollars. Lifetime costs for adults with spinal cord injuries can reach as high as several million dollars, depending upon the nature and severity of the damage.

Now, imagine the expenses you will face over the years if you have a young child with spine damage. As you might expect, such costs can overwhelm any family in the Melbourne, Florida region, regardless of their wealth or income.

What can you do if the injury occurred negligently?

Spinal cord injuries are a frequent result when catastrophic motor vehicle accidents occur. However, they may also happen due to accidents on unsafe property. For example, if your two-year-old stumbles on a damaged stairway and falls down the steps, spine damage could occur.

In the two accident examples above, you may qualify to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. With a successful claim and careful financial planning, you may be able to stretch out the funds you acquire to ensure your child receives quality care well into the future.

As parents, we understand the devastation that follows in the wake of a devastating injury to your child. Fortunately, there are many resources parents can pursue to secure long-term assistance. However, the first step for most is filing an injury claim to acquire financial compensation as quickly as possible.

Learn more about your legal options after a spinal cord injury

We encourage you to read more of our website for additional guidance on securing your child’s future after a debilitating injury. Working with an experienced advocate can help you obtain everything you are rightfully due and the funds you need moving forward. 


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