3 safety tips for driving at night

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Driving at night comes with additional risks that are less of a threat during the daylight hours. Drowsy drivers and intoxicated drivers on the road are more common at night and increase the risk of painful, costly accidents.

Other drivers on the road are not the only nighttime driving hazards. By following a few night-driving safety tips, you can lessen your risk of accident or injury.

1. Remain alert

Avoid becoming one of those drowsy or intoxicated drivers. Keep yourself awake and alert while driving so that you remain aware of potential dangers and your reflexes remain sharp. Listen to upbeat music, drink caffeine or find some other method that will keep you attentive and focused.

2. Keep windshields clean

Windows that appear clean in daylight reveal smudges and streaks when hit with the glare of oncoming headlights or overhead traffic lights. The streaks can cause distortions when hit with passing light leading to impaired vision. Keep your windshields clean so that you are not distracted by the light distortions, and you can see any potential hazards on the road.

3. Use your high beams

Speaking of lights, when you are on an open road or in a rural area, use your high beams. Aimed higher than your headlights, high beams give you an expanded view of the road ahead. This is helpful in noticing potential hazards. They also help visibility in inclement weather. Make sure to turn them off when oncoming traffic approaches so that you do not blind other drivers.

Driving at night also increases the chance of encountering animals on the road, especially in quiet, rural areas. Keep an eye out for animals darting into the road so that you can avoid hitting them and causing an accident.


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