Who is most at risk for motor vehicle/bicycling accidents?

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Bicycling is a popular hobby for people of all ages, whether they do it for leisure or to stay in shape. However, while riding a bike can offer its owner hours of fun and fitness, this pastime is not without its dangers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 800 people lost their lives in accidents involving motor vehicles in 2019, and the data further shows that certain groups of riders may have an increased risk of injury or death connected with a variety of factors.

Twilight riders

Some bicycle riders prefer dusk or evening rides, as the night air is usually cooler and traffic less dense throughout the neighborhood. Despite these benefits, riding at night also presents a few dangers. Drivers may not see riders as easily as they would in the daylight, which may explain why most accidents take place around sunset and just after dark. Riders can protect themselves by wearing reflective clothing and placing reflectors on their bikes.

Riders in urban locales

Bicycle riders who travel in urban areas are more likely to experience a serious crash involving a motor vehicle. Heavy traffic patterns, crowded crosswalks and vehicles parked along narrow streets can all contribute to such accidents. Those who bike in these areas may want to wear protective gear and use a horn or bell to alert those around them, especially when crossing the street or riding with the flow of traffic on a street with no bike lane.

Male riders

The number of male riders hurt or killed in a bicycling accident eclipses women riders by a considerable degree. These accidents may occur because men often take more risks during rides.

Riding on bike paths and in areas with reduced traffic can help keep bike riders safe. Those who commute by bicycle may want to invest in protective gear and learn local bicycling laws to reduce the risk of an accident.


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