How can road rage affect drivers?

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While it may be easy to spot bad weather or backed up highways, noticing road rage in other drivers is not always obvious at first.

Learning about how road rage can influence people and harm you can help you as you travel.

Reckless behavior

According to NBC News, intense bouts of anger can leave drivers at risk for making dangerous decisions. They may speed far over the speed limit or ignore red lights, and both of those choices can lead to an accident in a short amount of time.

This kind of reckless behavior comes from a place of anger since road rage can happen when a driver feels slighted or irritated at another person and tries to retaliate.

Aggressive following tactics

Tailgating is a common sign of road rage, and it happens when a car follows another vehicle closely behind in order to intimidate the driver. Not only can this leave you feeling nervous, but it can also distract you from the other cars around you.

Some angry drivers may even brake check you by stopping short while driving in front of you on the road. This can force you to stop quickly or crash into them.

Increased combativeness

A wild and reckless driver increasing the tension between you both with rude gestures and loud honking can make you worry. The more this person tries to follow you or push you off the road, the more likely he or she will become more combative.

Someone with road rage may even leave the car and try to harm you in person if you are both stopped. Knowing more about this phenomenon can help you in dangerous situations.


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