How can parental alienation change your life?

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No matter what struggles you face, you may feel a rush of relief after your divorce is official. However, one issue that can continue in the months afterward is parental alienation.

This typically happens when your ex-spouse tries to erode or destroy your positive relationship with your children. What starts out as subtle signs of alienation can escalate into worse manipulation as time goes on.

Fractured communication

According to Psychology Today, one major problem that happens with alienated children is that they stop trusting you and talking to you about their thoughts. Your co-parent could tell them that you were the cause of the divorce, which can influence how your children react to you when they stay with you.

Your co-parent may not tell you about important doctor’s visits or school events. When you have less information about your children, you may find it harder to communicate and connect with them.

Increased stress

When your children seem to have trouble sleeping and eating, you may begin to worry about their mental health.

Alienation affects children because symptoms of stress can increase over time as a co-parent lies to and manipulates them. They may begin to struggle with schoolwork or fail to connect with other children their age.

Less honesty

Your children may feel scared to say anything that contradicts your co-parent or disagree with their opinions. You could also notice that they act out without feeling guilty about misbehaving in front of you.

Being aware of how parental alienation affects your children and your life can help you understand what steps to take next.


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