How to avoid accidents with trains

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Accidents involving trains and motor vehicles often result in serious injuries and deaths because of the weight, size and speed of trains. Because there is not much drivers, passengers or auto manufacturers can do to reduce damage from a train impact, it is important to avoid collisions.

These safety tips can help you avoid getting in an accident with a train.

Do not stop on the tracks

If you are driving in traffic or there is a traffic light near the tracks, stop your vehicle a minimum of 10 yards before you reach the tracks to avoid becoming trapped on the tracks.

Report any missing or malfunctioning safety features

If you notice that a warning light or safety arm is missing or not working correctly, report it to local authorities.

Do not drive around the safety arms

Many collisions with trains occur because drivers drive around the safety arms thinking they can get across the tracks before the train arrives. If the safety arms are down, wait for the train to pass and the arms to go back up before attempting to cross.

Watch for a second train

It is not common for two trains to be crossing an intersection at the same time, but it can happen. If you are waiting for a train, look both ways for an additional train before attempting to cross after that train has cleared the tracks.

Collisions between trains and automobiles can cause devastating injuries to the passengers of the automobile. However, most collisions are avoidable by practicing safe driving techniques and reporting issues with safety equipment.


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