What are the risks of hiding assets during a divorce?

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If you are planning to end your marriage, you probably already know you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse must divide your marital estate. That is, you must split up the assets you own and any debts you have. According to Florida law, courts usually do this split fairly, giving both you and your spouse an equitable share.

If your spouse believes he or she deserves more than what is fair, he or she may try to cheat. Specifically, your husband or wife may hide assets to gain an unfair advantage in court. Going this route is a huge mistake, however, as it has some serious risks.

Is your spouse in contempt of court?

To know how to divide marital assets equitably, courts require both spouses to submit financial disclosures. Obviously, it is critical both to take these disclosures seriously and to prepare them honestly. If your spouse chooses not to do so, he or she may be in contempt of court.

Is your spouse breaking the law?

While it may be possible to hide assets without violating the law, deceptive spouses often commit perjury, fraud or some other offense. Put simply, if your spouse’s conduct violates the law, prosecutors may charge him or her with a crime.

Is your spouse going to win?

Trying to cheat in divorce court rarely pays off. Indeed, if the court learns about your spouse’s conduct, the judge is likely to penalize him or her by giving you any assets your spouse attempts to hide.

Ultimately, while there is often nothing inherently wrong with wanting to come out ahead, any spouse who tries to hide assets during a divorce is in serious peril.


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