Common factors involved in large truck accidents

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Accidents involving large trucks often result in serious injuries and sometimes death. Their sheer weight and size cause much more damage than regular passenger vehicles do.

Accidents occur due to various factors. Both truck drivers and passenger drivers play a part in many crashes.

Truck driver errors

FindLaw discusses that, even though truck drivers go through special training and need a specialized driver’s license, there are certain factors that increase the risk of them getting into a collision. Some companies have unrealistic expectations and deadlines, forcing drivers to speed and drive unsafely. Companies may also look the other way when it comes to the number of hours a driver works, which can result in fatigue and other issues.

Improper maintenance of vehicles is another factor, as brake failure is a common reason for crashes. Drivers may also not be up to date on training. Drug and alcohol use is also a factor in some accidents.

Passenger driver errors

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration acknowledges that passenger vehicle drivers also play a role in large-truck collisions, as the skills necessary to drive in their vicinity are different. Some tips for drivers include:

  • Allow for extra room in front of, and behind, trucks
  • Be aware of, and stay out of, the four large blind spots
  • Signal when passing, and do not cut in too close
  • Allow for wider turns
  • Understand that trucks need more time to stop and accelerate

Driving around trucks also requires other safe-driving skills, such as not driving fatigued, being patient and avoiding distracted driving.


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