The link between large vehicles and rising pedestrian deaths

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In recent years, there has been a troubling increase in pedestrian fatalities. A key factor contributing to this trend is the presence of large vehicles on the road.

Understanding the connection between the prevalence of these vehicles and the surge in pedestrian deaths is necessary for implementing effective safety measures and reducing risks for road users.

Heightened risks of large vehicles

Large vehicles present unique dangers to pedestrians compared to smaller cars. Their elevated height and bulkier frames create larger blind spots for drivers. This can make it more challenging to see pedestrians, especially in urban environments. Additionally, the impact of a collision with a large vehicle can be far more severe due to the vehicle’s mass and momentum. Crashes involving large vehicles often involve more serious injuries or fatalities for pedestrians involved.

Urban design and infrastructure

The design of urban areas also plays a role in the link between large vehicles and rising pedestrian deaths. Many cities prioritize accommodating vehicular traffic. This often leads to wider roads, faster speeds and fewer pedestrian-friendly features. As a result, pedestrians often have to navigate hazardous conditions. This is particularly likely when crossing streets or interacting with intersections frequented by large vehicles.

Proactive measures

To address this growing concern, proactive measures are necessary. This includes implementing traffic safety initiatives focused on reducing vehicle speeds and improving visibility for both drivers and pedestrians. Raising awareness among drivers and pedestrians about the risks associated with large vehicles can also mitigate the likelihood of accidents.

According to The Verge, vehicles with hood heights above 40” are 45% more likely to kill pedestrians than shorter vehicles. Vehicle heights and sizes have also grown steadily in recent years, and many safety advocates believe implementing stricter regulations on vehicle design and size can further reduce risks for pedestrians.


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