What are the indicators of a traumatic brain injury?

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Traumatic brain injuries often have life-changing consequences. A wide array of problems can develop from a TBI.

Promptly identifying one allows for timely treatment that can mitigate the fallout.


Persistent and severe headaches are common signs of a brain injury. They can vary in intensity and may worsen over time.

Loss of consciousness

Blacking out for even a brief period is a red flag. While most people awaken within moments, severe blows can lead to unconsciousness that lasts days or weeks.

Nausea and vomiting

Feelings of nausea or vomiting after a head injury are other symptoms to watch out for. Either could be evidence of pressure on the brain that needs surgical intervention.

Confusion and disorientation

A person with a traumatic brain injury may have trouble forming cohesive thoughts. The individual might also be unable to maintain a coherent conversation or answer simple questions.

Changes in vision

A traumatic brain injury can affect eyesight. Beware of blurred vision, sensitivity to light or difficulty tracking moving objects.

Slurring speech

Difficulty speaking or slurred speech is sometimes indicative of a brain injury. Trouble forming words and abnormal speech patterns are reasons for concern.

Memory problems

A blow to the brain can disrupt memory function, leading to difficulty recalling recent events or having gaps in memory. Medical assessments are in order if these problems surface.

Mood swings

Irritability and emotional changes sometimes occur with brain injuries. A sufferer may become anxious or engage in uncharacteristic behavior.

Fatigue and sleep disturbances

Excessive tiredness and difficulty staying asleep are further warning signs. Such trouble following a brain injury may last a long time. According to Neuroscience News, a simple concussion can lead to sleep problems for more than three months.

Balance and coordination issues

One should watch for difficulty with balance and coordination. Unnatural stumbles may be worrying indicators.

Early intervention plays a significant role in the long-term recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Thus, recognizing the warning signs is a responsibility everyone needs to take seriously.


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